Many business apps in the market today try to do too much. They try to solve all the problems, but end up half-solving half of them. Their focus is too wide.
Each of our business solutions focuses on a single problem and gets the job done. This philosophy lowers development and infrastructure costs, which gives direct savings to you.


We believe your employees should spend their time working, not struggling with hard-to-use software.
That's why we design our business apps to be intuitive and friendly, so users can use them with little to no training.


Our apps use industry-standard security to keep your critical data safe. We start with security and build onto it, instead of adding it as an afterthought.

Business Solutions

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Self-serve user account management. Integrates with Active Directory and the other business apps to provide a secure, friendly experience.



Relay information and ensure jobs get done on time.

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A modern replacement for paper-based employee time tracking.



Easily keep track of the tools your employees need to do their jobs.

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View and manage user accounts, permissions, and data shared across the other apps.

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QwikClock Enterprise

Powerful standalone employee time-tracking solution. Convert any computer or tablet into a timeclock station. Track hours, tasks, and more with beautiful reports.

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